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Take that first step and call the Passion Coaches at Tantric Hearts.  Houston Tantra classes and workshops are available now. We refer to our ‘workshops’ as playshops because they are anything but work!  They ignite your sensual side, heighten your awareness, and help you explore your fantasies and desires. Whether you are a couple or an individual, we can help guide you to better orgasms, deeper connections, more sensual and fulfilling relationships, and infinite romance.  You can set up one-on-one sessions in our Houston Tantra Studio, join us at one of our many erotic travel destinations, listen to our podcasts, enjoy our pleasure products, and reach us through Skype and Zoom.  Our one-on-one sessions can be one of our many playshops, personalized sessions that answer your questions, tantra massage, and multiple ways for couples and individuals to connect on a more romantic and intimate level.
We offer hypnosis that can help you with sexual blocks or issues you feel keep you from reaching your passionate potential. Combining hypnosis with tantra massage and our sizzling playshops are a roadmap to unveiling your sexuality.
We will help you with sacred sexuality techniques that can put the passion back into your marriage or relationship.  You will learn conscious loving and sexual pleasure through ancient and modern tantra techniques that can help with sexual discontent or sexual disconnect or simply enhance the love, passion, and connection you already have with your partner.  Our playshops are a great way to get started with tantra.  You can select from “drive you wild with desire,’ ‘Goddess spot massage,’ please your man,’ or ‘dance tease’ to name a few.  Visit our Passion Playshops page to read about these and other offerings.  You can also call or write to us about specific needs or desires that will help you unleash your fantasies and enhance your intimate connections.