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I Finally Got It!

sacred spot massage

I Finally Got It!

I Finally Got It!

I was introduced to Tantra soon after I was married, and while our sexual play has been good I never had full appreciation of the joy of just receiving during a sexual practice or ritual, I had always felt that the experience wasn’t complete unless we both ‘got off’. After attending a weekend Tantra workshop, I learned to thoroughly enjoy with body and spirit the gift my husband was trying to give me with ‘sacred spot’ massage.

Receiving sacred spot massage can truly be a healing and ecstatic experience.  I was amazed at the emotions that flowed through me.  At first I felt numb and then I would get twinges of excitement.  At one point I got incredibly sad and started to cry uncontrollably because I thought I had lost the orgasm that had been building for some time.  Then I began laughing and didn’t know why.   I realized that I had stifled my vocalizations over the years (we have small children at home) and it was great to let roar that deep throaty moan.  I learned that sound is a wonderfully effective way to enhance sexual energy and strengthen orgasms.

I always had the habit of closing my eyes during sex play especially when kissing.  After learning about tantra practice, I became very conscious of keeping them open during the ritual to strengthen the spiritual connection with my lover.  WOW, It has made such a difference.  The techniques we practice using breath and gazing have raised our sexual fulfillment to new heights.

During the sacred spot massage I experienced several full-body mind-blowing orgasms. I visualized the energy flowing up my body and felt the energy shoot out the top of my head.  I kept trying to remember to continue breathing and staying present.

After the birth of our daughter and the hormone fluctuations that accompany, while I felt our sex play was adequate, I wasn’t receiving regular powerful orgasms and I believed my husband was not giving to me his full love and attention or there was something wrong with me for not being able to experience the joy.  After giving up any expectations and just being in the moment while receiving ‘sacred spot’ massage, I realize now how easy it became to reach ecstatic joy and appreciate my husband’s love.  He has always been there for me.  I just finally got it!


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Kim Walker

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  • Jazzy

    I certainly hope to finally experience that with my partner and we experience and share with each other all the tantra bliss in all its forms. So we both can say “I finally get it!

  • Chloe

    Amazing read Kim glad you finally found the spot! Tantra is such an eye-opening experience for the spiritual and pleasure! It can really be something when you first do it! I just crave it now! I am so happy for you! I documented on my experience and did an overview on what I think a tantric massage should be.

    • Kim Walker

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed. We love how this healing ritual can help couples in their relationship.

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