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REAL Sex Talk to Learn more about Intimacy and Connection in your Relationships

REAL Sex Talk

REAL Sex Talk is the Tantric Hearts version of a blog to keep our users and clients up-to-date with tips and tantalizing tantra tricks to energize sexual, sensual, and spiritual relationships.  Our routine posts help you reach relationship goals, make better romantic connections, put the passion back in your marriage, and learn everything you can about male orgasms or female orgasms using sacred spot massage techniques and ways to please your man!
We write about our erotic adult travel to sizzling tropical destinations designed for pleasure, relaxation, and fun. Our travel also includes weekend getaways to places like Las Vegas, Florida, and various adult-friendly locations. You can read about our adventures and decide what might suit you and your partner best!
Our passion playshops are designed to help individuals and couples with erotic touch, massage, dance, and sensual ways to reach heightened ecstatic bliss with your partner.   We refer to our tantra workshops as playshops because they are anything but work!  Learn about tantra massage, tantra yoga, sensual connections that enhance your tantric experience.
We will help you with sacred sexuality techniques that can put the passion back into your marriage or relationship.  You will learn conscious loving and sexual pleasure through ancient and modern tantra techniques that can help with sexual discontent or sexual disconnect or simply enhance the love, passion, and connection you already have with your partner.
Whether you are close enough to attend a playshop at our Houston Tantra Studio or you want to travel with us to an erotic adult destination, or you prefer a session through Zoom or Skype, our Pillow talk articles will contribute to your tantra experience.