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Success Stories and Tantric Hearts Reviews

Success Stories

“The class was very informative…”

“We found the class to be very informative. Kim and Brad are really good at discussing and demonstrating sensitive topics in a very professional manner.” – Jon and Debbie S., Dallas TX


“Memorable life experience…”

“Thanks for a memorable life experience. No pressure-calming-couples oriented-sensual-sexual-all together in one session. Something we will definitely take home! Namaste” – Brian and Terisa J, Austin, TX


“You’ve touched our lives enormously..”

“Thank you so much for sharing with us, and teaching us these past few months. You’ve touched our lives enormously with your gifted insight and clarity. How refreshing it feels to know there are such warm, openhearted spirits such as yourself who welcome two inquiring souls like us looking for direction and growth. Spending time with you and your family has reminded us what purpose in life is all about. You have inspired us to create miracles in our lives. Thank you again and God bless” – Scott and LeAnne, Webster, TX


“You awakened my Chi…”

“Wonderful presentation. Thank you for awakening my Chi and learning the ability to love in a different way. Well presented instructions, easily understood. You both made us feel at ease in all three classes. Brings out a new appreciation of each other. Thanks” – Lisa and Ron, Ontario, CA


“Very erotic…”

“You have opened me up to a new sexual world. Very erotic, I learned a couple new techniques. Thank you.” – Mike and Dawn, Michigan


“Tantra is a beautiful art…”

“Tantra is a beautiful art! Thank you for sharing it with us. I enjoyed the class. It was a great and enjoyable experience.” – Lisa G, Arizona


“Just the right touch…”

“I would like you to know that my wife and I really enjoyed the tantra class today. The instructors were very professional and guided the class well. This class was something different with just the right touch.” – James and Pam B, Baton Rouge, LA


Goddess Shakti Workshops

Dear Goddess Kim, This was the greatest class!!!! What a night, I practiced as soon as I arrived home. My husband was so excited about everything I learned. We both want more!! Love ya, goddess of the new.

Thank you for having me there. I felt a little shy at first which is not at all like me, but everyone was so warm and inviting that I soon felt at ease.

Thank you for the wonderful class and sharing with all of us. It was a very exciting, wonderful and truly life-changing event. I can already see great changes happening all around! You are totally amazing!

I had never experienced this kind of release before and was a bit nervous, but with Kim’s guidance and wisdom and the comfortable setting she provided. WOW! What an experience. This Shakti (energy of creation) is so powerful, I’m already seeing the first steps of the intention and goals I set unfolding. Whoohoo!

“Oh my God”! That is what we said during the time we all shared together on Friday night. I’ve addressed God more this weekend then ever before in the “Oh my God” format. I must confess I had certain expectations but was completely mesmerized and delightfully redirected by the energy of the group. In other words I expected one thing and received another. It is hard to describe intellectually but when I speak from my heart and the top of my knower or my head it’s like this. Thank God I am open to the new and the fact that I’m not sure what is best for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies for being so courageous, nurturing, and open. I learned so much from all of you. Sign me up for the next session; I know I have more to embrace. Just a little humor for the spirit. When I told my guy friend last night about the “G” spot, he had never heard that terminology. He asked if guys had a “G” spot too. He was thinking that it was a term for a spot on all of us that is aroused by touch. I told him not to feel too bad I just recently discovered that term too. We had a blast experimenting with all the new things I learned. He was fascinated with it all and is considering the “Snake Charming” class.


Tantra Valentine Workshops

Very comfortable, enlightening…

Very comfortable, enlightening and definitely set the right mood for Valentine’s Day! –A.S., Pearland, TX


An incredible experience…

I enjoyed the class, I did not know what to expect, but Brad and Kim’s humor, openness and down to earth method made this an incredible experience -C.S., Woodlands, TX


Amazing workshop…

This was an amazing workshop. My partner and I completely connected in a mutual fashion. Neither felt deprived, we came from a place of both giving as opposed to individual I want, I need”. It was a sweet, sacred experience. I can’t wait to learn more! – K.D., Houston, TX


Time together connecting our hearts…

It forced my husband and I to stop and share some time together connecting our hearts. We will continue to do so! – H.S., Pearland, TX


Multi-levels of touch…

First time in our 28 years of marriage I think we connected on multi-levels of touch, etc. Thanks! – R.F., Houston, TX


Good class…

Good class! Just need to practice at home. Mmmmmm! – G.F., Houston, TX


You put me and my wife at ease…

I really enjoyed your class, you put me and my wife at ease and allowed me to learn how to enhance making love with my wife – S.D., Houston, TX




Fun, Stimulating, Enjoyable! – R.R., Seabrook, TX


The class was a blast!…

The class was a blast! We were unsure what to expect, but the instructor mad us feel comfortable. I can’t wait to do the homework! – S.R., Houston, TX


Nice and interesting…

A nice and interesting entry into the ideas of sharing and the importance of touch, feeling and spirit – R.W., Pearland, TX


Loving, safe and playful…

The Sensory Awakening Class with Kim and Brad Walker was a wonderful experience. Kim and Brad share their hearts and their enthusiasm of the art of sensuality in a loving, safe, and playful environment. Their experience together as teachers and as partners shows within the class and gives for a beautiful, inspiring setting. We hope to see them again….Feb. 14, 2004!!! – Kelly Griswold, Sundance Yoga Studio