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Adult Galleries with Sensual Photography and Erotic Body Art

Sensuality Workshops

Sensual Photography

Learn firsthand the Art of Photography as a provocative and sensual expression of passion. We will explore the expressive and expansive realm of digital imaging and image manipulation.

Capture your passion. Capture your sexuality.

Erotic Body Art

LoverlyErotic Body Art is provocative and stimulating but never more so than when the canvas is the object of your desire.  Enjoy this expressive adventure with your partner and learn sensual ways to share this expression.

In this workshop, we will cover media selection, comfort of the model, design, techniques, “the experience as a truly sensual expression” and how to preserve and best record the art.

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Erotic Photography

Join us for a truly sensual workshop where you can build a portfolio of erotic photography.  Our workshops are ideal fun for couples who want to start a new adventure to spice up their sexual expression through a wonderful form of art. Photography can capture your sexuality and passion through imagery.
Adding erotic photography to any of our passion playshops can enhance your tantra experience in our Houston Tantra studio.   Learn ancient and modern Tantra techniques and then apply all of that energy and sensual expression to a session of erotic photos.  What better way to have a sexual keepsake of the passion ignited between you and your partner. The fun and provocative imagery as a result of our sensuality workshops can be used multiple ways: Artwork for your home gallery, profile images on social media, photos you share with your partner, gifts, and anything you can imagine.
Tantric Hearts captures your passion and expressions of love and sexuality in a artful and tantalizing manner that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Join us today for a one-of-a-kind experience.  Our workshops are a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones where you celebrate the intimacy and love between you and your partner. Call now!