Erotic Hypnosis

Awakening Your Inner Pleasure

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Heightened Sensitivity

Tap into your greatest resource for sexual pleasure, your subconscious. Unlock the source of your sexual pleasures in your mind and allow it to do what it does best. Perfect for men and women!


Become aware of the potential pleasure awaiting you when you become multi-orgasmic. Experience your senses awakening as you experience orgasmic bliss again and again and again... Men and women welcome!

Experience the YESSS! Allow more pleasure as you explore your creative fantasies and experience your submissive side. Just say yes, YES, YESSS!

Virtual Viagra

A hypnotic fantasy that takes you to the moment of accepting Viagra... without a prescription! All the benefits, without the wait, or trip, to the doctor's office. Men, your ladies will thank you!

(Stopping) Premature Ejaculation

 Penis Enlargement 

Breast Enlargement 

Animal Magnetism

And So Much More!!


A hypnotic fantasy that hypnotizes your cock to becoming firmer, thicker, and harder than ever before. You'll feel the difference... and so will your partner!